Telecoms company publishes complete junk in place of UK area code list.

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Here’s a telecoms company that’s so cheapskate they scanned a printed UK area code list from more than a decade ago and put it online without bothering to check it for OCR errors:

The list includes such interesting and unknown UK place names as…


Stourbridge (sn 6d)

Stocke -on-tren



Menthyr Tydfil

…and many others.

With this much attention to detail, imagine the level of service you’d get were you one of their paying customers!

P.S. (August 2011) As recently mentioned by the marvellous people over at here’s a UK area code list with no errors:

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Hello! Wrong Number

Hello magazine also don’t know their own telephone number.

The London area code is (020) and is not 0208.

From abroad, the London area code is 20 and not 208.

The (0) is NEVER dialled from abroad and MUST be omitted.

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More data errors.

Following on from the post a month or so ago, there’s another new file in my inbox and yet more errors uncovered.

The attached PDF explains all, in long gory detail.

Errors in Ofcom’s Data [PDF, 390 KB]

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Dial 999 for a taxi? NO!

Need a taxi in Southampton?

Just dial 999 999, give them your address, and a car will be arriving at your door in seconds… except it will be the police, not a taxi.

From the taxi firm, to the signwriter, did no-one spot the stupidity of what they were doing?

The correct area code for Southampton is 023, and the local number is 8099 9999, but most visitors and tourists wouldn’t know that.

Edit: The firm now advertises their number as 0700 0700 0700. There’s two problems with that. Firstly the number has too many digits, and some systems will not connect the call if it is dialled that way. More importantly, 070 numbers are classed as Premium Rate calls and cost a LOT more to call from a mobile than most other types of number. Their website gives no warning of the extra call costs for calling their 070 number.

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BT Buffoonery

It seems that BT staff have not a clue between the lot of them. This error has been on their site for more than six months.

For the clueless, it should say:

(023) 8X – Southampton
(023) 9X – Portsmouth

No. It’s not just the placement of the parentheses. Keep up at the back!

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How many errors? Really?

A lot of stuff arrives in my inbox, and occasionally there’s something vaguely interesting left to read after deleting the usual spam and junk. Once in a very long while, something very interesting turns up, and a few days ago was just such an occasion.

I’ve spotted the odd typo in the past, but had absolutely no clue that Ofcom’s data has this many errors:

Errors in Ofcom’s Data [PDF, 477KB]

Dialling rules within “mixed” code areas [PDF, 70KB]

Fixing that lot should keep someone gainfully employed for a few weeks or months. The only question is this: will Ofcom tackle it before they are merged with Postcomm or will it be left for the new combined regulator to deal with?

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Retards of Chelsea

Take a gander at:

NOTE (June 2011): Page redesigned and moved, but still contains the same errors:

Check out a few random stores…

29 Buckingham Palace Road, London. 02078 219 698 / 02078 219 698

Unit 70, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth. 02392 750 063 /02392 750 063

14 Queens Arcade, Cardiff. 02920 374 489

95 Buchanan Street, Glasgow. 01412 213 504 /01412 213 504

38 Lands Lane, Leeds. 01132 436 310 /01132 436 310

6 Market Street, Manchester. 01618 323 362 /01618 323 362

This is beyond clueless.

Did they really not notice either phONEday or the Big Number Change?

Is there anyone there that can read?

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