Louis Vuitton have no clue what their own telephone number is!

In most of Europe, when calling a telephone number in the same country, but in a different area, there is a trunk code to be dialled before the area code. That trunk code is usually the digit ‘0’.

When calling that same telephone number from abroad, the ‘0’ is usually omitted.

However, Italian telephone numbers work slightly differently. The ‘0’ IS dialled from abroad.

How come a company as big as Louis Vuitton have no clue about this, and misses a digit from their head office telephone number on their own website?


For Italy, please dial 800 308 980 (from Italy) or (39) 2 77 71 711 (from overseas).

No, you morons, from overseas the number is +39 02 77 71 711.

How much business are you losing from that silly typo?

Why is it still not fixed three months after you were first told about it?

Is it now an appropriate time to also mention most of the published UK telephone numbers for Louis Vuitton also have some sort of error too?

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2 Responses to Louis Vuitton have no clue what their own telephone number is!

  1. jo808 says:

    Six months later…

    The Italian number is fixed.

    The UK number is still wrong. London has never used a code like “207”.

  2. Duncan Hill says:

    There’s no trunk digit in Italy. They are all just “closed” numbers starting ‘0’ for landlines and ‘3’ for mobiles. That’s why the 0 is dialled.

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