Fake 0203 area code for Burberry

Listen up.

It’s now fifteen years since Coventry stopped using the 0203 area code. Coventry changed to 01203 in 1995, and then to 024 in 2000.

It is ten years since London changed from having 0171 and 0181 codes to the single 020 area code, which it still uses.

It’s five years since London eight digit local numbers beginning with the digit three started to be issued.

So, can someone explain why Burberry write all their contact numbers
http://www.burberry.eu/fcp/content/InfoContact/information using an area code that no longer exists?

There is no 0203 area code within the UK; in particular London has never used the 0203 area code.

Is there anyone with a clue running the show at Burberry?

It appears not.

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