– Dial F for Fail

If you have a site which supposedly contains a list of UK telephone area codes, it’s important to not have typos like these:

Blackbum, Brent Knoli, Dumbartor, Gilford, Runcom, Sevenosks, Stocke -on-tren, Suthend-on-sea, Tauton

else it begins to look like a botched job – especially when there’s at least twenty other entries with the wrong digits shown:

Cardiff hasn’t been 1222 for a decade; Bangor (NI) has never been 2891; Gosport and Havant changed from 1705 to 23 a decade ago, there is no London (inner) and London (outer) demarcation; and Newry also changed from 1693 to 28 more than a decade ago.

Yes, that’s you over at:

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