Savi Trading – not at all web savvy

Let’s say you’re a small financial company based in London, and one day someone has this bright idea to set up a company account on Twitter.

Let’s assume it was also decided to post all messages using the API, and that all messages come from a database of pre-written marketing blurb.

Let’s also assume that no human from the company ever manually logs into the company Twitter account, and therefore no-one ever checks the account for replies from the outside world.

Now let’s add in a configuration screw up, where all company messages viewed via Twitter’s website show up as white text on a white background.

Is this a recipe for success?


Is it likely to be fixed?

No. It’s already been like that for more than a year.

And what of the 1400 followers?

Do none of those ever view via the website, or are they all fakes?

If any of the followers were real humans, surely they would have told the company about their error?

Then again, maybe they have, but as no-one from the company ever checks for replies, those warnings have gone unheeded and the errors remain unfixed.

So folks, here you can see a Fail in Social Media 101.

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