Seriously, you cannot really be this stupid?

Cardiff telephone numbers changed over to the 029 area code in April 2000. At that time, local numbers changed from 6 to 8 digits, by prefixing the digits ’20’ onto the beginning of the local number.

From then on, local dialling in Cardiff has used eight digit numbers. Simply omit the 029 area code when calling any Cardiff number from anywhere within Cardiff.

However, many of the residents seem not to have noticed these changes, and post their numbers in a variety of incorrect formats such as 0292 0xx xxxx or 02920 xxxxxx.

For the 0292 0xx xxxx format, they are seemingly unaware that they are saying their local number begins with a 0, which for UK local numbers is not possible.

The 02920 xxxxxx format is equally incorrect, because should you decide to dial only the final 6 digits, as hinted by the spacing, the call will not be connected.

Once the 20xx xxxx range of local numbers ran out, new numbers were issued from the 21xx xxxx block, followed more recently by new numbers in the 22xx xxxx range. All use the same 029 area code.

Misdialling now occurs when people dial 029 21xx xxxx as 029 20xx xxxx.

It also occurs when people dial 029 20xx xxxx as 02920 20xx xxxx.

You wouldn’t think people could be that stupid, would you?

However, one local company has now committed that exact same error to a large and prominent sign:

Would you do business with such complete and utter morons?

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