Dial 999 for a taxi? NO!

Need a taxi in Southampton?

Just dial 999 999, give them your address, and a car will be arriving at your door in seconds… except it will be the police, not a taxi.

From the taxi firm, to the signwriter, did no-one spot the stupidity of what they were doing?

The correct area code for Southampton is 023, and the local number is 8099 9999, but most visitors and tourists wouldn’t know that.

Edit: The firm now advertises their number as 0700 0700 0700. There’s two problems with that. Firstly the number has too many digits, and some systems will not connect the call if it is dialled that way. More importantly, 070 numbers are classed as Premium Rate calls and cost a LOT more to call from a mobile than most other types of number. Their website gives no warning of the extra call costs for calling their 070 number.

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One Response to Dial 999 for a taxi? NO!

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